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Songwriter, Recording Artist, Arranger, Producer, Singer, Pianist

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As a songwriter, Rebecca encapsulates the range of human emotions in her smooth yet unpredictable melodies. Her lyrics are honest reflections of her and others’ experiences in love and life. She compliments this with gentle harmonies and simple but classically elegant piano arrangements. Her music often guides the listener to a philosophical place where questions are often unanswered.

Rebecca grew up in a house full of vinyl records including ABBA, Olivia Newtown John, Diana Ross, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, various musicals, classical  recordings and movie soundtracks. Her love for and daily injection of music eventually led her to write in a variety of music genres on a range of subjects.

She worked in record stores and learnt piano and singing completing AMEB music examinations (in voice and piano). Rebecca also began to write poetry in her late teens which developed into songs. She studied editing, education and linguistics and supported her unwavering love of songwriting and music studies teaching both English as a Second Language and piano. 

Rebecca has worked with Manaaki studios in Christchurch, New Zealand to produce a self titled EP 'Paperdolls'. She has also recorded in Sydney, Australia with producer, composer and guitarist Marty Hailey and worked with audio engineer Louise Wheatley of Wheatley St Studios in Brisbane, Australia.

She recently wrote, arranged, produced and released a collection of pop songs. The instrumental version of 'Her Way' has been used for Marie-Anne Lecoeur's You Tube French Chic videos 'Her Way' represents a time of personal growth and change in terms of love and career and celebrates those people along the way who inspired her with their stories. 

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